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Values, aims and ethos of the school


The purpose of an education system is to create situations and provide resources, which will enable each and every pupil to achieve his potential and to develop into fully rounded individuals. Before a child can take advantage of the situations created it is all-important that he/she is happy at school. In order to achieve this aim we endeavour to ensure that this school is a caring and welcoming establishment, which emphasises respect towards other people and towards property. Pupils’ moral values and attitudes are promoted as they learn about the needs of other people and as they are encouraged to try to satisfy those needs. Every effort is made to create a safe, kindly, unthreatening and disciplined environment.

General Aims

To provide the best possible education by:

a) presenting a body of knowledge which is lively and dynamic, whilst also fostering the basic skills;

b) fostering healthy attitudes and an inquiring mind;

c) presenting ideas and concepts (observing, comparing etc.)

d) fostering a positive attitude towards both languages;

e) fostering an interest in various forms of literature;

f) raising the child’s awareness of the cultural background of the area in which he/she lives and  to foster in the child  a love of that cultural inheritance;

g) fostering moral values and social self-discipline in the child, together with sensitivity towards others.

Links with Parents

We aim to:

  1. create a happy, homely and attractive environment for the pupils to work and play in – an environment with which parents feel at ease.
  1. arrange activities that bring children, parents and other local people together under the auspices of the school.
  2. foster close links between the school and the local community.

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